Visually stunning and the glorious music is seamlessly integrated with the images. This app is a wonderful introduction to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker for any age.

Charles Barker, Principal Conductor, American Ballet Theatre

I’ve got to tell listeners about this. The Nutcracker Musical Storybook is a terrific app. It’s just really beautiful. It’s like watching the ballet on your own schedule.

Rich Capparela, Senior Producer & Program Host, KUSC Classical 91.5 FM, Los Angeles

5/5 Apples – The Nutcracker Musical Storybook is an utterly enchanting introduction to a core ballet for music appreciation. Whether you use this app to form a peg that you can later build on with a viewing of the full ballet, or you use it alone, it is really a magical experience that your children will ask to enjoy with you time after time.

Jennifer Bogart, Apps For Homeschooling

The developers at Mouse King Media produced a beautiful solution with the Nutcracker Musical Storybook. The story is elegantly illustrated by Yoko Tanaka to enhance Tchaikovsky’s symphony orchestral pieces. There are also hidden sounds for young fingers to find on screen. The first time Reina and I read the story, she kept saying, “Wow!” and “Cool!” and, “Baba, Clara must be dreaming.” Reina and I were particularly enchanted by Tanaka’s illustrations for the Waltz of the Flowers.

Christopher Lay, Beijing Kids Online

From our customers…

Worth every penny and a whole lot more. This app is beautiful and magical. My 3 year old daughter and I spent the bedtime this evening completely engrossed in the storybook. She said out loud “the end” a few times after the nutcracker turned into a prince and they met in the snowy forest. Little did she know that they would make their way to a magical sugary kingdom. I saw the ballet as a kid and got chills all over again! The interpretation and artistry is excellent. As a mom who gets most highly rated apps. This is by far the best storybook app ever, EVER! Thank you developers!

Jenny Sento Paul

This is a terrific rendition of the Nutcracker story. It is easy to follow and tells the complete story in such a beautiful way. I really enjoy the little “surprises” on the pages and the sound effects. As a musician, I am especially impressed with the music and that it is true to Tchaikovsky’s original score. The artwork is spectacular! I highly recommend this as a creative and artistic addition to your holiday apps!

Star Sapphire

What a delight this app is! Very heart-warming! I found the animation and music are very unique and engaging – for young and old alike. Even my 16 year old thinks it’s cool! I plan to save some trees and give this app to friends instead of holiday cards this year – especially since it will be enjoyable throughout the holiday season and beyond! A very modern & magical rendition of the timeless & classic Nutcracker. What a great and inspiring way to bring the arts alive through technology. The music for this app is SUPERB!

Muse 108

It’s magical! This is a lovely introduction to a timeless classic.  Tanaka’s art is evocative, charming and captivating. I found myself humming familiar musical phrases all day long.


Wonderful animated book, beautiful artwork and music.  My daughter loves The Nutcracker and loves watching and listening to this.  Well done!


I have two young boys both of whom have seen performances of the Nutcracker before, and they both loved this app.  The interactive graphics and fun storytelling had them completely absorbed.  The story is told gently and with the accompaniment of the best parts of Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous score. This app is a must for any parent who would like to introduce the Nutcracker to their kids or even for anyone who never seen it before.


Absolutely beautiful! This is a stunning twist on a great holiday tradition, and a wonderful way to get in the spirit of the season.


This app is an absolutely beautiful rendition of the classic story.  The art, animation, music (perfectly arranged) and hidden easter eggs will keep you and your little ones enthralled for hours.